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Offering diverse options that fully support your workspace needs

Hot Desk

Dedicated Desk

Private Office

Enjoy the flexibility of your workspace

Become a dedicated member to our community

With hot desk, you are privileged to access to Cocoon Networks London 24/7; You just need to work on your business and we will look after your working life with our 360 ̊ service

Suitable for: Journalist, Freelancer, digital nomad.
Partitioned with floor to ceiling windows, the private office compromise spacious workstations and individual breakout areas. You can create your company culture with privacy.

Suitable for: Corporates, SMEs.
Enjoy working at an open area surrounded by passionate entrepreneurs and talented people. You are privileged to enjoy all the facilities in Cocoon Networks London. 

Suitable for: Entrepreneurs, start-ups
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Benefits to our Members
We are creating a physical ecosystem for not only fostering bold ideas to be elevated into promising businesses, but also enhancing a better in-office lifestyle for entrepreneurs.
  1. 24/7 Access
    We open 24 hours a day, everyday
  2. Community
    We aim to create extraordinary connectedness for supporting the business growth of our members.  
  3. Chinese Market
    Alongside with Cocoon Networks, the first Chinese capital backed international start-up ecosystem in the UK, we are here to bridge European start-ups with Chinese market, resource and capital.
  4. The Essentials
    Free tea, coffee, water Printing High speed Internet Mailing/package handling (provision of reception services during regular business hours on business days)
  5. Perks
    Our members are privileged to have special offers issued exclusively by our partners and service providers
  6. Events
    Backed by Cocoon Networks and our community, we have diverse events in the building, which help our members to explore their potential and expand their networks.
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Cocoon Networks is Europe’s first Chinese capital-backed, international, startup ecosystem. Leveraging a full suite of support spanning: venture capital investment, business accelerators, spaces, and IP management, we are dedicated to supporting ambitious entrepreneurs and ideas to grow in a nurturing environment. Through fostering the thread of innovation and the people behind it, we propel their ideas forward and help them to expand globally.

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