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RS Casino Club Casino Evaluation

Serbia has long been a leader in the production of gaming software. Many of Europe’s greatest programmers and a number of major slot and fixed odds gaming firms are based here, but the nation has fallen behind for years in terms of playing. That has all changed. Serbian players now have access to locally developed casinos they can be proud of, and judging by the attributes of Casino Club, they are every bit as competent as the greatest games the country’s producers can concoct.

Casino Club is an attractive site that manages to seem both fresh and familiar at the same time. There is a paneled design that is obviously intended for touchscreen devices, but it is also intuitive and simple to use while using a desktop computer. Icons are employed to aid with navigation, and although the site’s logo is nothing new (a dice with a cherry on one side and a 7 on the other), it is well-designed and definitely looks the part.

Casino Club Overview

Casino Club is run by Digital Revolution, a Serbian firm, in collaboration with The site is licensed by the Serbian gambling authorities and provides customer assistance by phone, email, and live chat. There is also a Frequently Asked Questions section, which is beautifully written. The English language version of the website is as error-free as the Serbian language version is supposedly. Casino Club’s About page details the club’s history and that of gaming in Serbia in general.

Serbian gambling regulations were amended in 2016, bringing in a new generation of licensed casinos, including Casino Club. It’s one of the country’s first legally licensed gambling sites and bills itself as the “number one gaming site in Serbia.” While casinos are prone to exaggerating their own triumphs, Casino Club may be correct in this case. The site is licensed to provide casino games like as slots, dice games, video poker, blackjack, and roulette. The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia has recognized the site. In terms of fairness, a Microsoft-recommended random number generator is utilized to assure honest payments and to prevent the casino from influencing the result of the games. Casino Club also includes a link to the Wikipedia article for further information on this random number generator.

Banking using a credit card in the main

Card payment is the primary method of funding your Casino Club account. Choose from MasterCard, Visa, or Maestro. Additionally, cash may be deposited at a variety of casinos and nightclubs throughout Serbia, including those run by Casino Club’s partners. You will need identification to do so. Alternatively, you may top up your account with a credit card online. It’s strange not to see ewallets such as Skrill or Neteller, or even bank transfers. It is unknown if this is a choice made by Casino Club or a requirement of their gaming license.

In any event, these are the deposit alternatives available to you. Withdrawals may be made at any club operated by one of Casino Club’s partners. Your cash will be accessible one day after you make your request, and you will need to provide your four-digit pin and identification card. Alternatively, you may request a bank transfer, which will clear into your account within 4-5 days.

The Star of the Featured Slider

The featured slider is one of the greatest features of Casino Club. It is not an exaggeration to say that the composite pictures depicting diverse people picked from the slots are stunning. The picture here is rich in depth and richness, whetting your appetite for what’s to come and incentivizing you to join up and begin rolling reels immediately. While scrolling down the site, you’ll see that many of the most popular games are featured. Slots like as 40 Treasures, 40 Super Hot, Wolf Moon, Boost Racers, and Wild Shark may be found here. While some of these games may seem unappealing at first glance, a closer dive through the site reveals a significantly superior range of slots to compete with.

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